"When you simply need to say something in writing, then what you write upon should make your words look special too"

Thank you from America

Thank you from America

It's just the personal touch...
 long distance - with stamps to prove it.

Getting post from afar is still a lovely experience.

As a child I remember my parents recieving letters from just about everywhere, as friends and relatives travelled the world, the stamp collections we amassed were quite impressive.

I'm not sure all the letters still exist but I'm sure that if I looked hard enough there will be some pretty old letters "in a safe place".

Sharing the moment, by Instagram text or email, is a great modern day take on keeping in touch, but there is still nothing like a letter through the door with a stamp from far away.

The thank you note, for a visit to England, or a lunch, a meet up or a shared trip to the theatre.

It doesn't need to be complicated or long, it's just the personal touch!


Our range of "Initialed with love" collection is available in A5 or A4, on our luxury paper and with a choice of coloured envelopes to choose from.

And yes all the letters of the alphabet are there, so Xavier, Yolande and Zoe - you have not been forgotten!