"When you simply need to say something in writing, then what you write upon should make your words look special too"

Don't jump into the compost...

Don't jump into the compost...

Letters for someone on a trip away from home
 keeping those memories

Having recently gone through the boxes that get filled when the children go through school, I came accross a couple of letters written for a ten year old who was on a school trip - it made us all laugh remembering the chaos that small kittens cause!

The big question - what do you write to a child on their first trip away from home with the school or the Brownies or the Cubs?

As home life is not very interesting to the average 10 year old - try telling a wild tale, a soothing story, or the antics of a couple of kittens, puppies, or even the goldfish or hampster.

This tales don't need to comprise of a long story, very simple short sentences describing situtations that can be understood and visualised by a ten year old.

The two letters here had Daddy being tied up with the computer wires by the cats and me being locked in the office in the process - they do move very fast!!!

The second letter had the lawn mower scaring the 5 month old kittens - straight up the tree - above the compost heap.... Well it was a good job I managed to catch the kitten as she started falling or she would have been covered in smelly tea bags and things!!!

I'm sure there is a letter where I describe an under 7's cricket match - being very similar to a Scottish dancing session - it has to be in a box somewhere!!!