"When you simply need to say something in writing, then what you write upon should make your words look special too"

A Letter from our nearest and dearest

A Letter from our nearest and dearest

Weird things arriving in the post
 it's just what I've always wanted.

Well, I do love a good letter, it makes a change from the rest of the post - bills, circulars and general day to day post. I love birthdays with all the cards, and Christmas, hearing from people you don't hear from all the time. 

It's not the same as a Facebook like - but its knowing the handwriting, and maybe a cat or dog print,  good to know that help was at hand.

Handwritten notes with weird stories, or even the odd feather found on a winter stroll, whilst climbing gates - what a great way to keep in touch with the nearest and dearest!!

This is one of the recent notes that we have recieved - guaranteed to put a smile on my face!