"When you simply need to say something in writing, then what you write upon should make your words look special too"

About Us

"Loves, hugs and kisses"

Hasty, emoji-strewn text messages have their place but will never beat the joy of a thoughtful, handwritten message arriving in the post. 

Whether a thank you note to a friend, a drawing with adorable first attempts at writing from children to far-flung relations, or a message from home to teens heading off to uni - proper, posted messages mean so much more; are kept and treasured.

We are designers based in Beckenham, Kent and have experienced all these phases in our own family and looking back into our past remember letters from far-flung corners of the world from relatives and friends.

We are are on a mission to celebrate and bring back the art of writing.

Featuring fine papers and luxury card and envelopes presented in keepsake boxes our site has a growing range of chatty cards, notelets and classic personalised stationery with a choice of fine paper and envelope colours to help encourage the art of correspondance. 

keep in touch the traditional way for those special arrivals on the doormat - you can't beat a  written letter or note!